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Our Personal Training Program Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Journey

At Scorpion Strength and Fitness, we are proud to offer men and women across Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, Custer County, and Cañon City a place to enjoy professional fitness training and incredible support on the path to making your goals a reality.

Our Personal Training program gives you access to the area's best coaches and a customized path to long-lasting success. Our training plans are science based systems that will give you real results instead of just wasting your time!

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What's Included In Our Personal Training Program?

As a private fitness facility, Scorpion Strength and Fitness is proud to offer our space to the best fitness coaches in town. We give men and women all across our community the chance to enjoy professional coaching and incredible support every single day. 

In our Personal Training program, we'll pair you with a dedicated coach who can customize your workout routine and help you get the most out of every movement. We'll start with a comprehensive analysis where we can understand your goals, your history, and your expectations for our system.

From there, we'll hit the ground running.

At Scorpion Strength and Fitness, we're offering people across Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, and all of Custer County:

  • Total-body strength and muscle toning
  • Healthy, sustainable fat burn and weight loss
  • Improved speed, agility, and athleticism
  • Incredible confidence in everything you do

PLUS, We'll Give You Access To Every Resource You Need To Succeed 

Fitness training is only part of the battle. To enjoy real results, you'll also need to fuel your body and plan your rest periods. At Scorpion Strength and Fitness, we can help you map out a system that works for your busy lifestyle.

Our Personal Training program sets you up for success with a focus on every aspect of health and wellness. We challenge you to get the most out of every workout and we help you implement those everyday strategies that often hold people back. 

Join us here in Silver Cliff today for: 

  • Professional coaching and education
  • Ongoing accountability and encouragement
  • Tailored training strategies for all abilities
  • A proven path to long-lasting success 

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If you're looking for a new way to train, we have the answer for you here. Our Personal Training program here at Scorpion Strength and Fitness brings together the area's best coaches and customizes every aspect of your fitness journey.

We are proud to serve people all across Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, Custer County, and Cañon City. Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

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