Custer County Obstacle Course Training

Our Obstacle Course Training Can Help You Prepare For Any Spartan Race Or Tough Mudder Event

Do you have a race day in mind? Hoping to prepare your body for all the challenges that an obstacle course will put in your path? Then come see us today at Scorpion Strength And Fitness.

Our Obstacle Course Training is held at an elevation of 8,000 feet, helping you challenge your body and your lungs at the same time. We'll get you ready to come out on top in your next Spartan Race or Tough Mudder event. 

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What Makes Our Obstacle Course Training So Special?

There really is no substitute for what the altitude will do to your body. It creates a grueling environment that can slow down even the most accomplished athlete. 

But we're here to help.

Our Obstacle Course Training provides a unique challenge that can help you develop incredible endurance and maintain your power through any distance race. We help you build the necessary strength, speed, and body control to thrive in the Obstacle Course environment - and we do it all at 8,000 feet.

Join us at Scorpion Strength And Fitness here in Custer County for:

  • Incredible athleticism and endurance for any leg of the event
  • Race prep strategies for any skill set or experience level
  • Total-body training that keeps your body guessing and your mind motivated
  • Professional instructors who can help you stay challenged and get the most out of your body 

Learn More About Our Obstacle Course Training Today!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to challenge your body and see real results. Whether you're prepping for a high-level race or you just want to see what your body is capable of, we have the answer for you here.

Come see us in Custer County and take on our incredible Obstacle Course Training Today!

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