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Nutrition Coaching is now available to everyone whether or not they are Scorpion personal training clients or facility users. Dr. Barbara Phillips, MD, PN1 is now certified to coach exercise and sports nutrition through Precision Nutrition, one of the top nutrition coaching companies since 2005. She brings her internal medicine expertise and nutrition knowledge to Scorpion to benefit those who are looking to eat healthier and to finally achieve their goals.

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Do you have a goal that you want to achieve that requires changes or adjustments to your eating habits, your diet?

Such as “lose body fat, not just lose weight?"

“Gain muscle without gaining fat?"

“Maintain my weight while I go through (surgery, pregnancy, chemo, fill in the blank)."

“Find the best way to fuel my body so that I perform my best during an upcoming race/event/performance."

Are you unsure about just what needs to be changed with your eating in order to realized that goal? Or do you just want guidance that is based in scientific research rather than fad in order to eat healthier?

Maybe you have a medical condition that could be improved or even resolved by changing what and how you eat. Or maybe you are cooking for someone else who does and want guidance.

At Scorpion, our nutritional coaching service can help you

  • achieve your body composition goals
  • eat healthier all around
  • eat optimally for your medical issues
  • eat optimally for sport performance

What does a Nutrition Coach do?

“A coach is like a tour guide to a place where you already live. They help you explore the potential and the resources that you already have around you and inside you, then put that potential and those resources into action — perhaps past the limits that you may have inadvertently set for yourself. “ Precision Nutrition

Your coach will work with you to

  • Define clearly what must be done
  • Develop a plan to do it
  • Enable the means to execute it
  • Build relationships that make this possible

How does Nutrition Coaching work?

You will meet with your coach on a regular basis, the frequency is determined by you and the coach. It starts with an overall assessment, definition of your goals, and then you’ll work together to come up with a plan to achieve those goals in a step by step doable manner.

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