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Scorpion Strength And Fitness

At Scorpion Strength and Fitness, we're offering high-energy fitness training for all experience levels and ages. From customized Personal Training plans to cutting-edge Group Fitness classes, we have something for everybody here. We show you a way to achieve results that enhance your performance and improve your quality of life! Whether you are training for an event at high altitude or just want to improve your lifestyle, we can help!

PLUS, our Weight Lifting program offers hands-on coaching and a proven path to sustainable gains AND our Pole Fitness classes offer a new way for you to get fit and have fun.

We are proud to work with people all across Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, CaƱon City, and Custer County. Our systems are research based and created to improve your cardiovascular health, agility and stamina.

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I know I needed to get out of the shape of round.
I knew I couldn’t get out of that shape and into a healthier body style by myself. 
I met Jerry and Dr. Barb and in 4 months I’ve lost 8 pounds and 1 1/2” off my waist. I feel great and I know its all because of Scorpion Gym.
I’m a believer in the fact you only get out of it what you put into it. I’m getting a lot out of Scorpion. I’m a Scorpion for Life!

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Ron B.

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